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Public Affairs Dimensions principals have more than 75 years of combined government relations experience on the federal, state and local level with both legislative and regulatory bodies.  Our experience includes close working relationships with Congress, state government entities and regulatory agencies on issues related to healthcare, energy, electric utilities, transportation, environment and motion picture and television production. By working as trusted advisors, we have cultivated relationships with decision-makers in all levels of government.  Additionally, in those cases where we do not have the relationship, we are poised to assist you in identifying the advocate best suited to your needs.  In support of your organization’s goals, we can:

· Provide insight into legislative and regulatory initiatives

· Develop comprehensive, multi-dimensional strategies to meet your public policy goals

· Obtain legislative/regulatory meetings and accompany executives on visits

· Develop grassroots strategies

· Build coalitions in support of public policy goals

· Develop/increase political action committees

· Conduct meetings, site/facility visits, townhalls and fundraisers


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