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A strong grassroots program is no longer a “nice to have” for organizations with serious legislative issues.  It is a necessity.  Legislators listen to their constituents.  But often constituents are unaware of issues important to your organization, or unmotivated (and don’t know how) to contact their legislator.  A strong grassroots program will communicate to individual constituents (employees, shareholders, customers, others) the importance of your issue and will motivate the individual to share his/her opinion with their elected official.  It takes time, energy and resources to develop an effective grassroots program, but the results can be well worth the effort.  Public Affairs Dimensions can help you build or increase your grassroots program and develop strategic grassroots initiatives in support of your organization’s goals.

Specifically, we can:

· Educate management on the importance of grassroots initiatives

· Define your grassroots base

· Determine most effective communications vehicles

· Motivate your grassroots targets

· Assist with database management

· Develop grassroots initiatives in support of your overall public affairs goals

· Conduct facility and/or D.C. visits

· Engage third-party support

· Coordinate grasstop (influentials) involvement

· Coordinate Grassroots and Political Action Committee program


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