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A central theme to Public Affairs Dimensions’ method is a multi-dimensional approach to public affairs issues.  Communicating your company’s mission, market goals, investor needs and the ethics and culture of your organization to external audiences is an ongoing effort. Once a positive, solid understanding of your organization has been defined externally, single negative incidents create much less noise.  Therefore, defining your company (who you are, what you are, what you do) to the public, investors, employees and elected officials is a key element of public affairs programs.

Toward this effort, in addition to more conventional government relations activities (i.e. lobbying, grassroots and PAC),.  Public Affairs Dimensions can:

· Develop comprehensive communications campaigns in support of overall public affairs goals

· Develop internal and external messaging

· Direct focus group initiatives and other primary research to assist in targeted messaging

· Develop all communications material, including videos, brochures, commercials, etc.

· Develop crisis management plans


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